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kelly jones



My "radio career" began at an early age as I vividly remember getting my first pair of walkie talkies as a Christmas gift around age 5. During the late seventies, and several sets of walkie talkies later, I hijacked an old CB radio from the family car. While in high school I spent many evenings talking to the locals and dreaming of working the "skip" that I'd hear. Eventually several of my friends decided to take the amateur radio exam and talked me into joining them. Everybody passed and on January 5, 1985 my first license arrived in the mail. That afternoon in a driving snowstorm, a dipole was strung from the roof of my parent's house out to some trees. It was official, KA9SYF was on the air!


qrz dx?

DXing has always been my passion. From the early days of hearing those distant signals on 11 meters to present day, there is still magic in being able to talk to somebody half way around the world.

Over the course of the last 25+ years I've managed to achieve DXCC Honor Roll only needing 3Y0/B and KP1 for #1 Honor Roll - both of which I missed during my college years. I've also been an active DX cluster sysop since the early days, putting my first node on the air in 1994 and today keeping busy with the DX Central website and my new project called Dx2Go. Dx2Go will be an integrated desktop and mobile app geared specifically to the active DXer. A beta version of the mobile site can be found at the DxGo website. I also spent nearly 6 years as the DX Columnist for World Radio magazine.

Operating from the "Other Side"

In 2004 I had the good fortune and my first opportunity of being able to operate from "The Other Side" for the CQWW SSB contest from VP5 (Turks & Caicos). That was it, I was hooked! The pileups from the "business end" were simply phenomenal.

One of my favorite operating locations has become the island of Bonaire (PJ4) - in fact I regularly return to Bonaire for vacation/holiday and enjoy operating from the island while I am there. You will most likely hear me as PJ4/N0VD or PJ4D. I am also part of a group of hams involved in a house rental project on the island called Villa Desert Palm.

In October, 2010 I realized a dream that only a handful of DXers get to experience. Due to the break-up of the Netherland Antilles, I was fortunate to activate a "new" DXCC entity. While I had been to Bonaire (PJ4) many times in the past, this visit was particularly special - four new DXCC countries were activated at the same time including the "new" Bonaire. As a co-leader, we put PJ4D on the air for 12 days accumulating 36,000 QSOs with just 2 stations. This was truly a once in a lifetime experience!


In addition to DXing, I enjoy the competitive aspect of contesting. I am a member of the Caribbean Contesting Consortium, a club that operates from "Signal Point" on the island of Curacao. Being a part of this group has been a great learning experience and created life-long friends. If you are active during any of the major contests, you're sure to hear us operating as PJ2T.

You will often find me in the pileups and various contests. If you hear me in there, please give me a call and say "HI".